300 kg 1 Axis Servo Positioner

Controlled axis J1
Motion Range 740°(-370°~ +370°) 12.9 rad(-6.45 rad~ +6.45 rad)Continuous Turn available
Max. Speed 160°/sec 2.79 Rad/sec
Max Load Capacity 300kg
Allowable Load Moment 36 kgf・m 353 N・m
Allowable Load Inertia 2,350 kgf・cm・s2 240 kg・m2
Drive Method Electric servo drive by AC servo motor
Weight of 300kg 1-axis positioner 85kg
Weight of follower unit 40kg
Installation Environment Ambient temperature .0.45.Ambient humidity.Normally 75%RH or less
Short term(within 1 month) 95%RH or less
(No dew nor frost allowed)Vibration.0.5G or less